SAE Studio is a design and architecture firm, founded by two architects who fully dedicated their career to architecture world.


In our view, architecture is about the relationship between a physical object, its specific needs, and the environment.

The output is a creative and contemporary solution to that specific need. We are trying to create a comfortable place to stay, with a long last design, a friendly and easy-to-maintain product, a sustain, and contextual building, an affordable design for specific clients, in one term; a design that works for all of its aspects. In finding the best answer, SAE Studio continues in learning and gain a better understanding, combined technical knowledge, and continues the discussion with other disciplines to enrich the design solution.

We also understand that architecture is not a short-term relationship. We want to make sure that our client’s satisfaction stays forever through our design, that understands their needs and surpass their expectation.

Above all, we also believe that architecture is belongs to everyone. We sincerely hope that our service and experience can help more people to have a better environment.