More that just to create a physical object, SAE believe architecture is about how to create a soul which come from a deep thought of function and aesthetic value from specific lifestyle, character, culture and nature. Without any hesitation, architecture give influences to its user and surrounding and has a strong role in building an environment; therefore a wise attitude need to be applied in every decision made to leave positive traces.




Above of all, we also believe that architecture is belong to everyone, we sincerely hope that our service and experience can help everyone to have a better environment.

In our view, architecture has always been a connection between the physical object and its specific issue and requirement.

SAE’s architecture is not based on a design character, but as a creative and contemporary solution to those specific issue and requirement. We aiming to create a comfortable place to stay, a long last design, a friendly and easy maintain product, a sustain and contextual building, an affordable design for specific client, in one term; design that works for all of its aspects. In finding the best answer, SAE continue to learning and gaining better understanding, combine with technical knowledge and continues discussion with other disciplines to enrich the design solution.

Our role does not stop to the design itself but to guarantee it is transferred even into a better one in reality.